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Unified Meeting® 5
Why InterCall
Experience matters. We're the largest conferencing provider in the world and host meetings for 85% of the Fortune 100,  75,000 organizations, and 2.7 million unique conferencing leaders.
Scheduling a traditional online meeting can be frustrating. You go through the cumbersome process of accessing calendars and locating the website to schedule it. Then you have to type in the email addresses and hope you didn't misspell any names or set the wrong time zone. After all that, you have no way to verify that the invitation was received. There's a better way...
InterCall is the official conferencing services partner of the Big Ten Conference.
The Big Ten Conference
Unified Meeting® 5 is the comprehensive and intuitive solution for all your meeting needs.
Click to schedule meetings directly from your Outlook or Google calendar.  All your details are pre-populated directly in the invite.
Click to start your meeting right from your calendar invitation.
Click to have Unified Meeting 5 dial you.  Forget passcodes for good!
Click to show your screen, desktop  or application.
Click to share video
, so you can meet "face-to-face".
Click to mute lines, lock the meeting room door or disconnect.

Unified Meeting® 5
Your first 30 days are free through this promotional offer. After your first 30 days, your plan will automatically renew and you will be billed at the standard monthly rate if you do not cancel. To cancel, call 877-314-4341 and reference free trial. Offer expires December 31, 2014. Rates are prorated for any partial month of service. Offer available only to entities who have not been InterCall customers in the previous six months. Offer does not apply to toll-free conferencing which is billed at $.05 per minute per participant.
One click scheduling from your calendar
Make meetings a CINCH with Unified Meeting 5